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My experience of getting involved in D.I.C.E’s Podcast Project

Writer: Kirubel (young adult who participated in the project)

Working with other creators on a project was an amazing experience.

With the support of D.I.C.E, we had the opportunity to bond and create together. The community is friendly and welcoming, and I am enthusiastic about dedicating my time to collaborate with D.I.C.E. in creating anything.

From day 1, it was clear that we were going to do something meaningful, enjoyable, and worth our time. The sessions smoothly transitioned from vibing to creating concept ideas to brainstorming and generating more concept ideas. 

Seeing the progress of our project, from initial ideas on paper to being on set and ready, gave me the confidence and realisation that now is the time to make a difference in our community, first for ourselves to be able to help others.

I felt proactive when working with a team. We always had the right intentions for the project, and at the studio, there were many moments when I believed we could reach our goals together. I always felt that we had a great team structure, and I could trust the process of what we aimed to achieve. Believing in our team made me understand that I had the ability to grow with the community.

If I had to change anything from my experience, it would be to make more time for building relationships and maintaining ongoing connections. While I felt accomplished in achieving our initial goal, I believe that by dedicating more time to these interactions and opportunities, we can achieve even more.

I am confident that one day as a community, we can reach excellence because of or through these shared moments.

Writer: Kirubaela (young adult who participated in the project)


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