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“Creatively supporting people to be the best version of themselves”



We’re a diverse group of young people, young adults and community members ages 16-30.


Our community is made up of friendly and encouraging people who uplift and support one another.


Many of the youth we engage with, face intersectional barriers and other obstacles that can stop them from thriving in education or employment opportunities, but they are vibrant and creative individuals with a lot to offer the world.


Dipped In Creativity Engagement was started with a shared mission by twin sisters Aaliyah and Kianu Glasgow. To build a youth-led service that ‘empowers young leaders from under-resourced backgrounds to connect, co-produce and create a better community’.

Growing up, the pair experienced their own personal challenges and were labelled as ‘bad and at risk’. Witnessing violence and not having a sense of belonging led the twins down a difficult path. Looking for role models in the wrong places and mimicking anti-social behaviour eventually led to both girls being permanently excluded from school.

In time, another school accepted the twins, but only under the condition that they participate in weekly coaching. Although they didn't know it then, this turned out to be a huge turning point.

The sisters transitioned from feeling unsure about their place in the world to embodying those labels they were once given to confident and caring individuals. Over the past nine years, the leaders have dedicated their time to upskilling young people, building community and forming partnerships.

Today, both founders are well-known community leaders who work on a real grassroots level to give young people and young adults the tools and resources to become great leaders and strive towards real systemic change.

Aaliyah and Kianu (Standing).jpg


Dipped In Creativity Engagement started from humble beginnings; in 2018, the twins started running free drop-in sessions from coffee shops, libraries and other community spaces to engage with young people and adults in the Islington and Hackney area.


Their focus was on people out of education, training or employment and struggling due to lack of support and knowledge. Aaliyah and Kianu aided by running CV workshop sessions, helping with general interview techniques and giving people the tools to feel confident.

After a year of working with people at a 1:1 capacity, it was evident that many who were experiencing unemployment or out of education were also having troubles with their mental health. Although many were already on various waiting lists, it was clear that there was a lack of interim services to support people under the age of 30. Wanting to be an engagement service that was useful to the people, D.I.C.E decided to step in to bridge the gap between specialist services and their community. Putting individuals' happiness and well-being at the center of everything they offer.

In 2020, although D.I.C.E was becoming more established in the community, funding applications were often rejected. But Aaliyah and Kianu made the decision to keep supporting people until funding was secured. It was a difficult and frustrating time as it often meant that they didn’t have enough resources to see programmes through to the quality they would have liked. But they could keep building connections and supporting people through challenging times. 

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Following on from Covid, Dipped In Creativity Engagement was fortunate enough to take part in Social Ark's ‘Investment Ready’ programme in 2022. A programme that helps young people who have a business idea and want to create social change. This programme was fundamental to D.I.C.E’s learning as they were able to create a long-term business strategy and develop their funding writing skills.

They have successfully formed partnerships and worked with Peabody, Barnados, The National Youth Agency, ELBA (East London Business Alliance), Leap Confronting Conflict and other grassroots organisations and community social enterprises like YUCAN CIC.



Our mission is to create a youth-led service that enables and empowers young leaders from under-resourced backgrounds to connect, co-produce and collaborate, inspiring others and creating a unified community. In doing so, we will engage members and provide access to creative projects, spaces and opportunities that improve general well-being and mental health.


We envision a community where everyone is supported to unleash their greatness within.

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Our values are at the heart of everything we do and are incorporated into our work and approach. 


Take us on the journey, and we will celebrate every win like ours! We want to see you win.


We are a youth-led service that empowers young leaders to connect and work together.

We understand that life can be challenging and encourage our young people to talk about anything that they might be struggling with- we are here to listen!


We think out of the box and encourage PLAYful and creative ways of working.


We always remember that You are ME, I am YOU, you are WE. Together we are ONE.


If you like our work or would like to speak with us about a possible partnership in the future, please contact us at: 

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