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If you aspire to positively impact the next generation and your local communities, Dipped in Creativity Engagement is looking for individuals like you! 

We have various volunteer opportunities awaiting you,  ranging from mentoring young people to contributing to our creative workshops, programs, and events.

If you have a background in youth work, mentoring, project management, employability, art therapy, music, well-being, or events, here's how you can contribute to the community:

Become A Mentor:

  • Work with us to provide a D.I.C.E Crew Member with at least eight weeks of mentoring, focusing on their career pathway and transitioning into the creative industry.

  • We are looking for businesses and partners who can provide at least four weeks of tailored work experience or a work placement for a D.I.C.E Crew Member and Youth Advisers.

  • You can support a D.I.C.E Crew Member and/or a Youth Adviser in developing their employability skills whilst boosting their confidence and helping them fulfil their inner potential.

  • Come and support us in delivering our career workshops, creative programmes and social events!

You do not need formal qualifications, to be accepted as a mentor at D.I.C.E


General Support:

Help out with D.I.C.E workshops, events and programmes

We always need an extra hand, and that’s where you get involved!
Volunteering at our events and workshops can be a fantastic way to be directly involved. Whether you are supporting our young people to supervise activities, acting as stewards or supporting the youth outreach team, we appreciate your time and help.

We engage with local young people and communities throughout the year by organising a range of youth-led community opportunities from the #BringingUsBack Music Showcase Event to our International Women's Day event to Creative Networks!

Applications for this role are currently open



We invite you to contribute a donation of your choice to support our work. Your generous contribution, no matter the size, has a significant impact on our ability to continue our mission.


Every donation we receive directly aids in providing further mentoring opportunities and access to creative ventures for young people and young adults. The funds enable us to invest in the future of our young people by fuelling their creative passions and guiding them towards their career goals. Together, we can make a difference. #INVESTINGINYOUTH

Financial Donation:


We value donations of any size; your contributions are vital in financing our work.

Some of the ways your money will help us:

  • Help us run our core service and continue at times when we have no funding. Support us in renting storage to hold our event and workshop equipment.

  • Help us connect our youth team through team-building activities, training, and development.

  • £150 allows us to provide a young person with work clothing, travel and equipment for a 1-month volunteering placement via DICE.

  • £200 allows us to provide a young person with a coach to support them in completing a youth work qualification.

  • £600 allows us to provide three months of 1:1 mentoring to develop young creatives.

A huge thank you to the businesses who have donated to us and continue supporting our young people and community. 

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