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Former D.I.C.E Volunteer and current D.I.C.E Director


Sherai joined Dipped In Creativity Engagement as a volunteer youth mentor for our BigSis Project in November 2021. At that time, she was working full-time in hospitality and was seeking additional opportunities in the events industry. Sherai was also eager to support young people and communities. As a BigSis Mentor, she helped two young women over six months to develop personally and achieve their goals. This was her first professional experience working with youth, and she quickly became one of our most effective mentors, who the young people immediately gravitated to!

After volunteering for six months, Sherai became a D.I.C.E Crew Member to remain involved with our organisation. She was particularly interested in supporting our events, an area she was passionate about and wanted to develop further. Sherai was focused on improving her skills, gaining more work experience, and networking. She worked as an event coordinator for our youth and community events from 2022 to 2023. In March 2023, Sherai took on the role of event coordinator for the day of an event, demonstrating her valuable skills and professionalism.

In May 2023, Sherai launched her events coordinating service called ‘The Events Coordinator Service’ where she specialises in on-the-day event coordination for all occasions.

“I loved everything about the International Women's Day event and being able to step into my role and do what I do best. At this event, I connected with The Lady Powerhouse, seeking a community of women to connect and grow with. A year later, I am now working with The Lady Power House to coordinate their next event. I am looking forward to future events and networking opportunities at D.I.C.E - there is always a new opportunity”

Through her involvement in the BigSis Project in 2021 and 2023, Sherai was able to give back to her community and positively impact young people, particularly young women. Working with D.I.C.E has supported her in recognising her capabilities and values. She appreciated the freedom to use her skills, contribute to a supportive team, and be her authentic self. D.I.C.E provided a welcoming and joyful space where Sherai could build her confidence and outlook working in the events industry.

As for what's next for Sherai, she has decided to enrol in university and will begin her events management degree in September 2024. She is committed to continuing her education to achieve her career goals. Alongside this, she plans to grow her event coordinating business and fully step into her role as Director of Head of Events at D.I.C.E.

“As a director at D.I.C.E, I want to use my skills to contribute to the success of the organisation. I think it’s very important to give back and this is my way to give back and contribute to my community”

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