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My Reflection on the #BRINGINGUSBACK PROJECT in 2022

Writer: Daniella (Volunteer/D.I.C.E Crew Member)

#BriningingUsBack Event Inspiration

The start of 2022 was a strange time. We were all transitioning back into everyday life whilst simultaneously grappling with what was labelled “the new normal”. As the global pandemic still lingered in our recent memories, every day felt almost tainted with uncertainty about what would happen next. It’s understandable that the idea of going outside or gathering in large groups again sparked up fears and anxiety for many of us. After all, we had become accustomed to viewing closeness as a potential threat to our health. 

With our sense of togetherness throughout the nation fading, D.I.C.E founders Aaliyah and Kianu Glasgow made it their mission throughout 2022 to bring the community back. 

The #BRINGINGUSBACK project consisted of five events spread out across the year with their unique energy:

  • Music Showcase 

  • An International Women's Day Event 

  • A Family Fun Day / Talent Show

  • Open Mic Event 

Making the first attempt to step outside your comfort zone is always the hardest, but the #BRINGINGUSBACK project was mindfully created with so much love, intention, and integrity that any nervousness among its attendees quickly melted away. Every event focused on meeting the needs of different audiences, but at its core, each event held the fundamental values on which D.I.C.E has built.

As a new member of the D.I.C.E family, I spoke to some of the attendees at the #BringingUsBack events to learn more about their experience and the impact these events had on members of the community across all ages, races, and genders. One woman shared at our Family Fun Day: “It’s great to see the children out having fun, as well as hearing such positive messages about life, strength and independence”. Everyone had a voice within these spaces, and the words of encouragement, support, and wisdom circulated abundantly. 

The project engaged almost 400 individuals while providing 42 young people with skill-developing work experience. Many of these people continue to work alongside D.I.C.E or have gone on to level up their careers as a result of the experience they had gained throughout the year. 

Project Impact

The #BringingUsBack Events Project delivered 18 event planning meetings, 8 skills-based group workshops, and 16 1:1 mentoring delivered by D.I.C.E. 

We co-designed and hosted 2 community-based events, engaging 230 people including children, young people, residents and community members across London, particularly East London. These activities and workshops improved the participants' project planning and creative skills and increased their capacity for performing and employment opportunities. 5 participants who engaged in our #BringingUsBack Event Project in 2022, have moved on to start their own creative projects and event platforms, whilst 1 young adult has applied to start an Event Management course at university. 

Why Community Matters

Community is something to be cherished as well as celebrated and we don't hold back at this. Coming together is one of the most powerful ways to effect change - Whether addressing issues or collectively uplifting the spirit of those around us, it is evident there is power in numbers. 

Being part of a community has contributed to positive mental wellbeing. Having the support system that comes with increased social connection is immensely beneficial to individuals because it can help us navigate our way through stress, anxiety, depression, grief, unemployment, and anything else which life may unexpectedly throw at us. 

We feel less lonely, create new memories, and atomically have wider access to opportunities which can help us improve our quality of life. Kianu & Aaliyah understood this, which is clearly reflected in the results of these events. 

What’s Next 

So far in 2023, D.I.C.E has hosted a vision board workshop, a celebration for International Women's Day, a music showcase (allowing young people to come together and celebrate underground talent), and carrying out The BigSis project for the second year in a row. During a time when everyone is concerned with the cost of living, it is important that our events are both accessible and impactful. This is why we make our events free as often as physically possible.

#BringingUsBack is an incentive that Dipped in Creativity Engagement will certainly carry forward into the future, so watch the space. There are many exciting things we are working on behind the scenes, and we cannot wait to share them with you. 

Don’t worry if you missed anything. Head over to our ‘what's on page’ to find out the date of our next #BringingUsBack Event OR register to our newsletter to stay updated with D.I.C.E opportunities. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Did you attend or work at any of our events last year? Tell us about your favourite memories with the D.I.C.E family!


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